Still Rockin

Still Rockin, the newest video release by Ron Dreamz and Dirty Rice captures the humor and realism of the Baltimore based artists. The song comes from Ron Dreamz and Dirty Rice mixtape Dirty Dreamz that dropped on September 24, 2018.

Filed in a parking garage within downtown Baltimore the scene is capture perfectly by the production company THEHOMIE.

What They Are Saying

“Ron Dreamz wraps clever wordplay, smooth transitional flow, and realism in his creations. With a touch of his humar, it all comes together.”

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Ron Dreamz

Baltimore drive

Raunaq Jhurani AKA Ron Dreamz Born September 28th, 1990 In Lagurdia Hospital Flushing Queens New York. Immigrant Parents From India. One Older Sister. Lived In New York And Jersey Up Until 2001. Lived In India For A Year And A Few Summers. Lived In Dubai 2 Years. Raised In Baltimore Been Here Since 2002. Loved music and started rewriting my favorite rappers songs by 11-12.

Biggest influences jay z, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne, T.I. 

“Recorded songs at 13 in a friends basement. Started getting into trouble around that time. Got locked up sent away group homes boot camps the whole nine up until 18. ” – Ron Dreamz

Last most significant incident got my house raided in 2012 and started taking music serious by 2013. I also lost a. Childhood friend Christmas 2012 who I looked as a big brother. 2013 I got DNV LLC With Two Of my friends. Started recording every day.

Released my first tape 2015 called green Dreamz and soda. Since I’ve released GDAS2 and a slew of original projects. Last nights dream, in the meantime, PhllfthyDreamz, dark days, bright nights. Dirty Dreamz is the latest project hosted by dirty rice. GDAS3 drops this month.


I’m Going In

Released September 26, 2019

Green Dreamz And Soda 2

Released September 24, 2018

Dark Days Bright Nights

Released January 1, 2018

Dark Days Bright Nights

Released January 1, 2018

Green Dreamz And Soda 2

Released January 24, 2017

In The Meantime…

Released January 24, 2017


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